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Finding roots

May 24, 2011 2 comments

Some of you may know that Sam and I are getting married this summer; in fact, it’s coming up pretty soon, at the end of July.

The whole uniting-our-families thing has been on both of our minds lately, and it’s brought up yet another subject: genealogy.

I have the good fortune of being in a family where both my dad and mom’s sides have excellent genealogist family members and a well-mapped family tree.

I remember poring through records and trees on both sides as a kid, and finding it wildly fascinating, the lives of these people, like something from a history book, except that they were related to me. How cool!

My interest in genealogy has waxed and waned over the years, as I’ve undertaken a bit of research here and there for friends, or for an article on something historical. But no-one among the Coffeys (my mom’s side) or the Hortons (my dad’s) needed me to work on the family trees, as they were pretty well taken care of.

So I think, once I officially become part of Sam’s family (the Egglestons), I am going to approach them about tracking down their family tree. It’s something both Sam and I are interested in finding out about, and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about genealogy and researching it in the process.

There are several generations still alive, so that will be helpful in tracking the most recent family members. I hope to find out the rest through records and online research, and it should help that Sam’s family is in at least the fourth generation to live here in Marquette County, so the county records office will be very useful.

I’ve been excited about the possibilities for quite some time, but I wanted to wait until I was legally an Eggleston before delving into the history books, just out of respect.

I think while I’m at it, I will ask my family members for copies of my own genealogy. It’ll be nice to have all that information in one place, and who knows what connections I can find.

Do any of our readers do genealogy? I’ll be a relative newbie; beyond census and local records, I’ll be out of my depth. So if you have any great suggestions or useful tools, let me know.