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A blog sibling

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been derelict over here, mostly because I was working on an idea for a new blog, which, as inaccurate as it may be, I am going to call this blog’s younger sibling. That’s because it is made up of a whole category of things that Sam and I haven’t posted on here — namely, our personal travels.

If only I had a cool suitcase like this 🙂

Traveling is such a different kind of thing to write about. You’re out of your element, on a laptop somewhere, looking at things from an outsider’s perspective. For us, living up here in the rural North, it usually means driving many hours away. It didn’t seem like something that fit on the pages of this blog.  But we’re traveling more and more, and finding really neat things wherever we go, and I’d really like to share them!

So this weekend I put up the first posts on the new travel blog, which is hopefully-not-too-cliched in its name; There and Back Again.  I won’t take up too much more room here about it, but I’d love if you come over, read, maybe subscribe (hint, hint), share your own travel ideas and comments, and hopefully have some fun.


Long time, no blog

February 25, 2011 1 comment

The other day Kim and I were finishing up some freelance work when she turned to me and mentioned this blog. The question, it seemed, was why we weren’t writing in it anymore.

“Ummmmmm… because we already work 70 hours weeks?” I responded, though without the confidence I would have needed to shut the door on the subject completely. Instead, it turned into a discussion, and the decision that there really isn’t enough going on that we shouldn’t be able to post on here once a week or so.

So, we’re back. Well, technically speaking, I’m back. Kim is showering right now and will be headed off to a 90-minute massage soon. Me? Well, I have to work, which is why it’s nice to take a few moments and do some writing that isn’t deadline driven or forced at a maddening pace.

Since the last time we posted, a lot has happened. We’ve picked up a lot of freelance work (hence our absence) and we manage a couple of sites for Issue Media Group, namely UP Second Wave and Northwest Michigan Second Wave (we manage Mid Michigan Second Wave, too, but we’re in the process of finding a new editor to keep tabs on that one). Needless to say, that takes up a bulk of our time. In addition, Kim freelances for the Marquette Monthly and I am freelancing sports for weekly papers in Northville and Novi.

We also moved into a new house, which is pretty cool. It costs far less than our old apartment and we will outright own it in less than four years. Pretty good choice, hey?

Outside of that, for the most part, it’s been the same ol’ life here in the Upper Peninsula. Of course, we’re not complaining about that.

Let me wrap up this quick post by saying that we apologize for not being around more, but want to make a concerted effort to change our ways. Look for new posts at least once a week and let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Unplanned absence

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I just wanted to write a quick note of apology and explanation to all who have been reading — We love you but we’ve had to put the blog on the back burner for a little while. I went on vacation for a week right after we launched a new web site, which you can find at Getting that straightened out plus other work commitments, family medical issues, and getting very close to being homeowners (shooting for June 1, wish us luck!) have all conspired to make blog posting a thing only dreamed about. We hope to be back in the saddle soon, but in the meantime, read some of our work for U.P. Second Wave in the link above; Geek Girl on the Street, found in the blogroll; or Northeast Hunting, also in the blogroll. And happy summer! It’s actually warming up around here and it’s delightful.

Like father, like daughter

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Shaylyn sure loves her chicken wings... sometimes she can't wait to get a taste.

You may not be aware of this, but Kim and I aren’t the only writers here at Pen > Sword. Wandering around the house is my daughter, Shaylyn, who has already started her own book about adventurers and Egypt as well as a movie script she is working on based on the same subject.

In addition, my kiddo, who I affectionately call “Green Bean,” writes her own blog. Admittedly, she comes up with the meat of the posts and I edit them and clean them up, but I never mess with the intent or the focus.

Her blog, Chick ‘N Wings, is written on the subject of all things chicken wings. She reviews joints she stops at, reviews sauces and tries to keep everyone updated on news in the industry. She’s also going to add some recipes in the coming weeks.

Since her blog is relatively new, there isn’t a ton of content, but it’s still worth a quick gander. If you do go over and check it out, please try to take the time to leave a comment, or subscribe via email (the field to do so is on the right-hand side).

I applaud her for her drive in this. She’s always the first to order chicken wings and then look at me and tell me to whip out the ol’ iPhone to get some photos for the blog.

Like they say: The egg doesn’t fall far from the chicken’s butt, hey?

Welcome to Pen > Sword

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment
The Porcupine Mountains within the Upper Penin...
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Welcome, all! You’ve arrived at our joint blog, where we muse, write, ramble, and share personal and professional thoughts and ideas.

This venture is headed by Kim & Sam, two freelance bloggers/writers located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (If you already know us, you don’t have to read the next bits.)

Sam Eggleston is a native of McFarland, Michigan, and was a professional journalist for a decade before pursuing other dreams. He now has way too many jobs, including marketing, blogging, freelancing sports and news stories, and writing several newsletters. His eight-year-old daughter is his pride and joy. He also loves outdoorsy occupations like hunting and fishing, which he can be found blogging about at

More of Sam’s work…

Sam’s blogs for Asylum.

Kim Slotterback-Hoyum is from Marquette, Michigan, and spent just a few years as a journalist before striking out into the freelance world. She now works on fiction projects, writes Web content for a variety of sites, and procrastinates with Facebook & Twitter. Her loves other than writing include reading, music, and video and computer games (which she blogs about at Geek Girl on the

More from Kim…

Kim’s Blogger thingy.

So now that you know all about us, dive in, add us on Twitter, say hello in the comments… You know. That Internet stuff you do. We love to hear ideas, suggestions, feedback, or any random thing you come up with.

~Pen > Sword

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