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Feeling super

The OLD Fantastic Four cast... really.

I’d be a liar if I told you I didn’t love comic books. I still collect a few, actually, though not nearly at the break-neck, wallet-deflating pace I used to in my teenage years. Of course, that reduction in the collection was simply due to the local comic shop closing when I was younger, and the cost of comics skyrocketing until I needed a full-time job just to support the habit.

Nowadays, I’m not quite so quick to drop my money on the counter. I’m not picking up comics to collect them with hopes they will fund my retirement in the future. Nor does a scantily-clad lady on the cover even get my attention anymore. Now I am mostly about storyline, and characters I really like. Doctor Who gets purchased for the lovely Kimberly, while I have a standing order for any and all Moon Knight comics.

But, what does get my attention these days isn’t on the paper inside those comic covers, but rather on the big screen. Super hero movies are coming out in droves, and I’m there buying tickets to each and every one of them. Some aren’t as good as others, but some are really great. So why do I go to all of them? Because I want them to keep making them. More and more, please.

The reason is simple: They didn’t have the capabilities to make these great comic movies when I was a kid. Sure, there was Batman (not really a SUPER hero, but rather a damn-good trained vigilante) and some Superman and Spiderman stuff. There was even a Flash television show and a not-so-hot Captain America movie (I’m anticipating this one to be better than that one). There was even a Fantastic Four movie that was so bad, it was never released. Thankfully, they released two more that were actually watchable (and, yes, I know the NEW Captain America is actually the same guy who plays the Human Torch in the most recent FF films).

The ability to use computers to create realistic-looking action and effects is mind blowing. It’s really great stuff. It is impressive to watch, entertaining and it allows the creators to make movies that are much more along the lines of the imaginations of those of us who read comics.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a super hero. My powers changed a lot, depending on my age (Superman powers when I was around 5, Wolverine’s abilities when I was an older teenager and the Invisible Woman’s capabilities somewhere in between. Most recently, probably the power of Captain Marvel–Shazaam!–or maybe just the ability to wake up without aching and still being tired.).  Having the movies makes me not have to live vicariously through my imagination.

So, I’m off to Thor (right now, actually) and I’m looking forward to it. Today, I get to be witness first-hand to a god coming to Earth. How frickin’ cool is that?

‘Nuff said.

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