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Back to my gaming roots

So it’s been a good decade since I did much PC gaming. College and my subsequent low-income years as a reporter didn’t allow me to maintain the kind of computer you need to play real PC games.

The closest I had to a functional PC was my 2002-school-issued laptop, which was decidedly underpowered and could barely run the last generation of PC games, let alone the gorgeous creations on the shelves now. At home, I’ve run Mac desktops mostly, and limped along with the laptop for work.

Instead of the PC games I played when first getting into the gaming world, I made the switch over to various consoles, with a few second-hand Xboxes, Playstations, then the 360 and the PS3 that we have now. And I love console gaming as much, if not more, than I ever did computer gaming. Still, I have a special attachment to the old games that first drew me into gamerdom, like Alpha Centauri or Myst.

You can imagine, then, my out-of-my-head, little-kid excitement when I got an actual modern-day, dual processor laptop this week, and Civilization V to go along with it.

I should probably explain to those who have no history of PC gaming — the Civilization games are turn-based strategy games that have been around since the 1990s, and each iteration of the game has been successively prettier, fuller-featured, and more gamer-friendly. I’ve played each one and loved each one… until Civ V.

When it came out last year, the aforementioned lack of a computer able to run the massive new game was just something I had to resign myself to. I consoled myself with Civilization: Revolution on the Xbox, but it just wasn’t the same.

I longed for the complicated menus and tech trees, the minute attention to detail that Civ demands, the complex interactions between cultures. It’s one of those games for me that I can spend days straight, eyes fixed on the screen, fueled by energy drinks and not much else. Of course, life is different now, and I’ll have to restrain myself to playing until it’s time to pick up the kiddo from school today. (They frown upon leaving them there…)

But for a few hours I’ll be blissfully back in the Civilization world, ruler of all I survey. Excuse me, but I think the opening movie’s starting! See you later, much later!

  1. Sank
    March 8, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    Man, i remember some VERY late nights playing Civ.. so late I’d be asleep at work the next day! One more turn, one more technology.. I was thrilled to find an older copy MAC version at Half Price Books a few months ago.. memories.
    Now I just may have to find a copy of Maniac Mansion and Zork.

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