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Shoot the ball and buck

I’m not the kind of person who peruses the Internet in hopes of coming across a website that I can hurry up and show to all of my friends before someone else does. In fact, it’s rare that I do much more than work, the occasional tweet and some Facebook while I’m online.

So, what is about to follow is rare. Maybe it will happen again, but it likely won’t.

One of my clients (the folks who have me writing about hunting, usually) asked me to write up a post for their site about a company in Boston called Buck and Ball. As always, I readily accepted the assignment, even when they told me it was an apparel store. I had figured (i.e.: assumed) that the apparel would be directly related to hunting. After all, that’s pretty much all I have ever written for this client.

I was wrong.

Now those of you who know me are well aware I am pretty darn bullheaded. Just because something wasn’t going to be as smooth as I originally thought definitely doesn’t mean I won’t still do it. This was one of those cases. Instead of just going back to the client and explain that writing about a men’s fashion storefront was well outside of my normal boundaries, I decided to make it work. And, you know what? I’m glad I did.

The company I wrote about is called Ball and Buck–named after the once-common musket load that is one .69 caliber lead ball and three buck shot pellets packed at the same time that was popular during the American Revolution and Civil War. The store sells things I probably will never buy (like pocket tees that have pretty fantastic designs on the pocket alone, or tweed jackets) and things I would likely be interested in (hand-made leather wallets, cologne and–score!–even hand creams). But purchases or not, I had to spread the word about Ball and Buck because of their philosophy in the world of business.

You see, Ball and Buck was started by a Boston College graduate who just wasn’t thrilled with the nosedive the American economy is taking. Instead of searching out mass-produced items to sell, this entrepreneur went out and bought American-made products only.


Well, I’ll let them explain with this excerpt from their website:

We’re an all American company—born and bred with red, white, and blue running through our veins. The things that make us Americans, have always been the things we create. By incorporating the freedom and honor fought for by our forefathers whilst emphasizing American quality over foreign quantity, we’re refocusing on the pride America once had. Through hard work, honesty, & integrity, Ball and Buck is bringing America back to her roots.

Join the movement.

From the t-shirts they sell (which are getting a ton of exposure, by the way, as a unisex fashion must-have) to the same brand of cologne that President John F. Kennedy used to slather on before holding some beautiful woman close, Ball and Buck is American through and through. From the time you step into their store in Boston, or visit their website, you know that you’re not likely to find a company that is more proud of America and its people.

And, one day, the company hopes to help drive America in more ways than simply buying and selling products made here.

We’re going to begin a saving portion of our profits so that one day we can build our own factory.  We will fill the factory with honest Americans, the ones who craft with their hands.  We will pay them honest wages, supply them with great benefits, and help to enrich their lives.  We’re going to make the change we want to see in this country–a return to our core, hardworking values.  We will extend the opportunities to others that have been bestowed upon us.

Now that, in my opinion, is living the American dream.

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