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Like father, like daughter

Shaylyn sure loves her chicken wings... sometimes she can't wait to get a taste.

You may not be aware of this, but Kim and I aren’t the only writers here at Pen > Sword. Wandering around the house is my daughter, Shaylyn, who has already started her own book about adventurers and Egypt as well as a movie script she is working on based on the same subject.

In addition, my kiddo, who I affectionately call “Green Bean,” writes her own blog. Admittedly, she comes up with the meat of the posts and I edit them and clean them up, but I never mess with the intent or the focus.

Her blog, Chick ‘N Wings, is written on the subject of all things chicken wings. She reviews joints she stops at, reviews sauces and tries to keep everyone updated on news in the industry. She’s also going to add some recipes in the coming weeks.

Since her blog is relatively new, there isn’t a ton of content, but it’s still worth a quick gander. If you do go over and check it out, please try to take the time to leave a comment, or subscribe via email (the field to do so is on the right-hand side).

I applaud her for her drive in this. She’s always the first to order chicken wings and then look at me and tell me to whip out the ol’ iPhone to get some photos for the blog.

Like they say: The egg doesn’t fall far from the chicken’s butt, hey?

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