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Sitting without communication

So I am sitting here in the waiting room of an orthopedic specialist in Green Bay. I am waiting for my mom, who had to come here because of a lack of knowledge in the same field back home.

Across from me sits my very impatient and insanely bored nephew, John, who is here because his Grandma is treating him to Chuck E. Cheese and Build-A-Bear for his birthday, which is tomorrow. Next to me is Kim, who brought a book about the Red Hat Society that would make me as bored as beforementioned nephew if I attempted to read it.

I had figured that while he was bored and Kim was reading, my saving grace would be my iPhone and the Internet that long ago became my friend and place where I find work.

However, to my utter dismay, I have discovered a lack of Internet here. No, really. And to top it off, the 3G network that I have come to enjoy here in the Bay de la Verde (no idea if that is even close) is not able to penetrate the lead-lined walls of this office.

So, I sit here typing this blog post with no way to contact the outside world. For all I know, this is my last communication as aliens are poised to attack this very office and take all the inhabitants as slaves for their mining operations on the dark side of the moon. Or, maybe not.

I am attempting to keep a train of thought while my nephew is talking about his tooth’s immediate future and expected departure from his mouth. Kim is blissfully ignorant. He is adament about this discussion though. Hold for a moment while I shoo him away with a horror story about how his teeth will rot out of his head if he talks about making money off them again…

Now that he’s quiet, I can safely say that I am just miffed at the lack of a wireless connection here. I mean, it is the year 2010, right? Burger King gas a wireless connection, for Christ’s sake! You’d think that a place that charges thousands for you to visit would be more accomodating than a place with a dollar menu.

Sigh. John heard Grandma’s voice. No chance to continue writing. In closing: all doctors should have wireless Internet for those stuck in the waiting room. Oh, and a sound-proof cage to lock children in. Well, just in case you’re taking suggestions, you know?

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