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Multitasking: Not just for non-iPhone users anymore!

I doubt any of you are aware, or even care, but I’m an iPhone user. So is Kim, actually.

When these devices first came out, I really didn’t have a second thought about them. No one really needs a phone that is capable of doing so many things, right?

The dark, dark (side) future of the iPhone. Steve Jobs, I am your uncle...

Time went by and AT&T (and my super beautiful friend, Sarah Maki) lured me into buying one. I’ve been hooked ever since. The iPhone has become the perfect phone for my use, keeping me in touch with my freelance clients, available to speak to and email even when I’m out ice fishing and keeping me connected to the streams of data I so readily rely upon. In addition, the iPhone has replaced my MP3 player, has become a solid back-up camera when I come across something that just begs for photo attention and even has been turned into an entertainment device when boredom strikes.

In short, I love the iPhone. I am just hoping it’s not giving me a brain tumor.

One aspect of the phone that has been so frustrating, however, has been the inability to run more than one application (known simply as apps to those purists) at the same time. It’s tough when you’re in the middle of a game or reviewing a client email when someone texts you and you are forced to either ignore the text or read the text and lose your place in the game or whatever it is you’re working on.

Enter OS 4.0, which will be available this summer. According to Steve Jobs, who of course presented the new system, OS 4.0 will allow iPhone users to be able to run multiple applications at once. Multitasking will now be possible. Hallelujah.

There is a potential downside, however, The OS is going to be “ad friendly,” allowing Jobs and the Apple Dumpling Gang to send advertisements to iPhones and iPod Touches across the globe. In his presentation, Jobs indicated there will be over 1,000,000 (yes, 1 million… I just don’t get to write it out often) iPhone and iPod Touches in use by this summer. He said with 10 ad impressions to each phone, he can create a daily marketing stream that involves 1,000,000,000 (yes, 1 billion!) ad impressions each day.

What does that mean? Well, I’m going to probably start seeing 10 random ads popping up on my iPhone each day. I’ll be upfront and honest and say that I will likely become super annoyed within the first few days.

The new operating system also provides enhanced security and encryption on the phone, which are sorely needed.

So there is good, there’s not so good and there’s downright ugly in the new OS, but at least I get my multitasking.

When all is said and done, I hope this is just the first of many upgrades made to the iPhone in the coming years. Minus the above-mentioned tumor, there are many aspects this phone brings to my life that I would have trouble living without, if just for the self-employed aspect of my career.

So email me, call me or text me, I’ll be available on my phone. And, come this summer, I won’t ignore you just because I’m in the middle of a football game or reading a client-generated email.

Yeah, I knew you’d appreciate that.

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