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It may be homely but it’ll be home

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“Buying a home — it’s all paperwork after this!” said the realtor’s receptionist cheerfully to us today, as we handed over a down payment check larger than any I’ve ever seen personally before. And true to her word, she gave us a good-sized sheaf of paper. But I am pretty sure there’s gonna be more to it than paperwork from here on out.

It’s both exciting and kind of scary to buy property. We’ll be saving an incredible chunk of money each month by not renting in a gentrified section of a college town, but we’ll have to downsize a lot of stuff in order to move into a rural trailer on a few acres of land. The big furniture, sized for expansive rooms, will go into storage, and we’ll learn to live in about half the space we have now. But it’ll be our space, and that makes all the difference.

Ours to improve, repair and beautify, since the trailer has most recently been used as a single man’s hunting camp. (I think that pretty much explains the lack of cleanliness, don’t you?) The place does need some cleanup and some cosmetic work, and we’ll plan on building an addition within the year, to increase the living space. But it’s solid enough, and most importantly, it’s giving us a chance to own land where we want to be, near our families, and surrounded by the beautiful Northwoods.

We still have some important steps to take with the property, such as well testing, a home inspection and furnace test. So I may be jumping the gun to get so excited about it. But… I hope this will be our home. I can’t wait to call someplace home and mean it in my bones. I’ve rented for a decade now, and I’m tired of it. So, it’s not the most beautiful house in the county, but it will be our home, and that’s good enough for me.

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