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Clash of the Titans

Mads Mikkelsen, 2009
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It’s becoming a familiar story on the big screen lately: Demigod Perseus defeating evil uncle Hades and saving the world and the gods in one swoop. (What’s the opposite of fell?) We just saw a modern take on the old story with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. (Really hope you picked up on that one, cause no trouble was spared to spell it out for modern viewers illiterate in the classics) But I digress.

It’s Perseus again in the remake of Clash of the Titans, bigger, better, and more 3D. I never saw the original Clash of the Titans movie, although it’s been sitting in the Netflix queue for months. But the story is familiar from long ago, and it’s been one to look forward to for the sheer scale and quality.

Clash of the Titans didn’t disappoint; we saw it in plain old 2D and there were still plenty of moments where you press back into your seat or jump out of your skin. Or, in my case, squeeze your fiance’s arm so hard you cut off the circulation. (I’m really fun to watch movies with!) The CG was beautiful, but not show-offy, and the acting was solid all around.

A highlight for me was spotting Mads Mikkelsen, an understated and solid Danish actor who I had quite a crush on back when he was in King Arthur (I know, he’s going gray. Don’t make me explain it, it’s just a crush.) For those who avoided that flick, you may have seen him as the villain in the more recent Casino Royale.You don’t see him a lot in U.S. films, but when you do, it’s usually impressive. The rest of the cast of Clash of the Titans lived up to their roles as well as you can when you’re playing gods and demigods who have been portrayed so many times before, and have set-in-stone histories to consider.

I’m guessing that the movie would be even more impressive with the 3D option, but either way I’d certainly recommend Clash of the Titans as good entertainment for this weekend, with scope and scale worthy of the film’s namesakes.

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