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An open email from the desk of Sam Eggleston

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” you probably have a good idea whereabouts my humor often strays. It’s a hilariously funny movie that brought me hours and hours of enjoyment in my younger years.

The writer behind that project is none other than a fellow named J.D. Shapiro. If you don’t recognize the name, well, shame on you. He has been involved in many other projects over the years. One of those, unfortunately, was “Battlefield Earth.” No, not the book. That was L. Ron Hubbard (the guy who gave Tom Cruise a reason to live).

The poster for one of Shapiro's best works, which is a million times better than his worst...

Not too long ago, at the same time the Oscars were taking place, the Razzie Awards named “Battlefield Earth” the worst movie of the decade. I’m not entirely sure that’s true. If you’ve seen “10,000 B.C.” you’ll probably understand where I’m coming from.

To give Shapiro credit, he accepted the Razzie and got a standing ovation for his speech. If that weren’t enough, he really kicked it into high gear with an open letter to the New York Post apologizing for the movie. It’s hilarious and you can read that here.

In response, I decided to sit down and write Shapiro an email asking for a refund for the date I had the night that “Battlefield Earth” was released. I figured, at the very least, he owed me that after getting paid to write that movie and me paying to go see it.

Shapiro took the email in stride, like he does everything else (even a piece of wood through his house window from Ozzy Osbourne during the filming of his reality television show in an episode titled “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.”). He responded to me, we exchanged a few pleasant notes and he asked if it would be OK to reprint the email on his new movie’s website, www.524ad.com. I, of course, said “no way!” and then he had some kindergarteners come over my house and threaten me so I changed my mind.

You can see that email by going to www.524ad.com, and going to the news section. While you’re there, take a look around at Shapiro’s new project. It takes place in the time of King Arthur and looks to have a ton of potential. If you’d like, read the script, which is posted there, too.

The site is unique for the fact that it’s an entire journey of movie making. This is the beginning, picking up funding (which you can be a part of) and even offering out guest spots for a price. The journey will only move forward from here, and you can be along for the ride.

I am hoping this is in the same line of thought as “Men in Tights” for the fact that I could really use some decent entertainment. Of course, “Battlefield Earth” is in the “Please Take For Free” bin at the local box store and playing practically 24 hours a day on cable stations across the globe. I hear if you lay on your back with your head hanging off the edge of the couch and watch it while it’s being played with German dubbing, it looks just like the “Wizard of Oz.”

Give it a try and let me know, OK?

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  1. April 6, 2010 at 12:02 am

    I read the email and I cracked up. Hope you get the refund 😉

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