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My mama always said Stupak is what Stupak does…

I just thought it was funny and clever, unlike so many political cartoons.

So the Boston Herald (you know, the one in Boston) wrote an article about how Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) has “met his match” when it comes to his seat being up for grabs this year.

His opponent is a political-nobody named Dan Benishek who was born and raised in Iron River (you know, that Iron River) and, according to the Herald, he’s a shoe-in to win. The reason? Stupak’s apparent flip-flop on his decision to support the Obamacare bill, reported the Herald.

“Six days after Benishek announced his candidacy, he was handed an unexpected gift by Stupak, the Democrat who vowed to fight publicly funded abortion in Obamacare,” wrote the reporter. “Stupak stepped to the podium that fateful Sunday afternoon in front of a live national TV audience and announced he would support Obamacare with nothing but a meaningless executive order as his cover.”

The move, said the Herald, propelled Benishek into the national spotlight and made him a “sensation.”

He even got 20,000 Facebook friends. As of the writing of this blog post, that same page has 22,331 fans. The Facebook page for this pickle has 1,580,471 fans at the time of this post. Just saying.

Anyway, the Herald goes on to say that Benishek then went on to raise $50,000 in donations over the following 48 hours (please, buy a nice suit with the money because the ones on your campaign page suck) and quotes the good doctor as saying “No way is he [Stupak] going to win. I’m going to beat him. Actually, he beat himself by doing that dramatic flip-flop. He could have been a hero.”

Now, to be straight-forward and brutally honest, I could not care less about who wins Michigan’s First District this coming election. Stupak, in my opinion, has done a bang-up job over the years. Benishek is nobody to me, but he’s running as a Republican, which I honestly think makes him a likely candidate for wasting people’s donations. Sure, he might be the nicest guy in the world, but I just don’t see folks around here punching the Republican button.

Unlike the Boston Herald, who said “The Upper Peninsula is small-town, Middle America, 300 miles north of Detroit. It’s conservative country,” I am from around these parts, born and raised. This part of the article is what irked me. This is exactly what prompted this blog post. While I admit we have conservative values around here, we don’t typically have Republican voting tendencies.

The last Republican who took on Stupak was Tom Casperson, who is also an Upper Peninsula native and fairly well liked. His family came from the wood industry, like a lot of folks around here. The end result for him? He picked up 33 percent of the vote while Stupak skated away with 65 percent.

Stupak has been ruling the roost up here since 1993 when he first won the seat. He isn’t likely to be dislodged by someone who has never even held office. In fact, a Republican hasn’t held that seat since Robert H. Clancy left on March 3, 1933 (yeah, that 1933!). A Republican has held it just 13 out of the 32 times someone has been in the chair. A Whig, Ebenezer J. Penniman, held it from 1851-1853, and it was also left vacant three times.

While I’m impressed that Benishek raised $50,000 in two days, I just don’t think he’s going to be able to keep his coffers deep enough. Casperson had just over $102,000 in his account in May of 2008. I don’t know how much he ended up with, but by November it was all spent and Stupak had barely broken a sweat. Plus, Stupak’s got guys like Michael Moore (yeah, that one!) to help him raise money. That’s some tough backers when the pushing comes to shoving, like it will.

Benishek has to keep this fire stoked for seven more months. He has to keep kicking the same horse over and over again. Voters are going to tire of hearing about it and Stupak is going to have a Democrat majority to help him keep funneling money to his district.

Stupak also has the argument that he really didn’t flip-flop on anything. He said he didn’t back the bill, but also admitted that he’d vote for it if he had assurances that no abortions would be allowed under it. He got the word of a President of the United States. I know, that and $1.50 buys you a bottle of Faygo, but it’s probably better than the word of a doctor who has long benefited from getting rich from our messed up healthcare system. Just saying.

Not to mention Benishek has to get past the primary, first. Linda Goldthorpe is a Republican from Manistique who actually went to law school. She has a lot less fans on her Facebook, but she’s got yard signs available.

Of course, Stupak has Connie Saltonstall to contend with in the primary as well. I didn’t look for her Facebook page because I just don’t see Facebook really making the final choice here.

When all is said and done, I hope the best candidate wins—be that Benishek, Stupak or Mickey Mouse. I just don’t like it when a paper all the way on the East Coast decides that someone has already lost and starts making blanket comments about the area I grew up in.

Besides, in Boston all they do is drink tea, eat beans and crab cakes and vote in Republicans these days. And their beer sucks. See? It’s kinda mean, right?

Anyway, everyone who is anyone knows who’s going to win this year: That damned pickle.

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  1. Isaac
    April 1, 2010 at 1:14 am

    It’s Linda “Goldthorpe” actually. She’s a pretty good candidate, she’s been running longer than Benishek. Non the less, the primary will be interesting to watch.

  2. Robert
    April 1, 2010 at 8:56 am

    So apparently the Boston Globe is a right leaning publication that doesn’t seem ot do much homework on what they’re saying. If you look at the layout of the UP’s voting patterns, it is primarily Democratic in voting tendencies. They also fail to realize the the 1st congressional district also has 16 counties in Lower Michigan.

    Republicans stand their best chance of ousting Stupak not this year, but after the census results are in and the districts get redrawn. The only thing the first district will do is grow, which will almost inevitably bring more Republican counties into the fold since that’s what pretty much borders the southern end of the district.

  3. Peter
    April 7, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    The reason the U.P. votes Democratic is because the Democratic party is the party of Labor, and the U.P. still has a lot of retired/laid off miners and loggers who vote for the party of Labor. But many issues conservatives are sympathetic to — personal responsibility, freedom to carry a semi-automatic weapon into Super-One, anti-abortion, etc. — are issues that Stupak has voted conservatively on. (And also, he voted against the bank bailout.) This is really the first issue I can remember where his constituents feel he is voting against their interests.

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