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It’s almost the end of March, so your New Year’s resolution is either broken or a habit by now. And among those who make New Year’s resolutions, surely the most common one is to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more… Something along the lines of living better.

For me, it was to finally make a commitment to tackle the 40 or so extra pounds I’ve been carrying since college that I can never seem to lose. It’s not out of vanity, at least not completely — I feel weak, lethargic, unhealthy. It’s time to make a real effort. I’ve tried exercise regimes, diet supplements, low-carb diets, food journaling, ugh. All kinds of things. This time, I’ve found something that works.

Both Sam & I have been conscientiously recording calories eaten at each meal and calories burnt with each exercise since mid-January. The reason it’s been so easy is a neat little iPhone app called LoseIt. Keeps a database of foods, exercises, tweets your weigh-ins and exercises, generally super easy to use and fun, too. (And you can add friends to keep track together and keep each other accountable; if you’re using it too, let me know and I’ll add your e-mail address!)

Yup, the smartphone has finally taken the work out of dieting. And the results have been great: I’ve been losing a steady pound each week every week. That is, until this week. I gained a pound instead — the horror! I wasn’t expecting great results, because my phone told me I ate way too much this week, but to gain weight? That just sucks. To top it off, Sam logged a blistering 11-pound loss this week. I’m happy for him, but SIGH.

Nutrition experts always tell us it’s easier for men to lose weight than women, and I guess it’s true. A friend of ours is using a short-term diet that is purported to work well for women, using pregnancy hormones as oral drops under your tongue to rev up your metabolism while eating a super-low-calorie diet. You might have heard of it; it’s called the HCG diet, and is made by various companies who make various claims about it here, here, here and here, just as a sampling. On it, she’s lost 9 pounds in five days. but she has more strength of will than I do; it requires you to eat just 400-500 calories a day for a month or so, which ain’t gonna happen unless I am deathly ill and puking everything back up, ya know?

So I’m content to lose a little at a time — what you might call the slower, gentler path. Of course, it does require me to stick within my calorie limits, and not eat Italian and fast food in the same weekend (the major contributors to my recent downfall). For now, I’m just hopping back on the LoseIt train and hoping for the best.

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