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Where’s Waldo?

Lots of these things belong together; Lots of these things are kinda the same! One of these things doesn't belong; One of these things just isn't the same! Can you name which one isn't the same, kids?

Just in case you weren’t aware, it isn’t long until someone breaks the time barrier and folks can become tourists through time. I’m not even kidding.

And in case you need proof (thanks for calling me a liar!), there’s a photo that pretty much solidifies it.

You see, in 1941 there weren’t a lot of “cool” people (God only knows what the kids call it these days). They were mostly old, apparently all black and white and they liked to stand next to roads looking at things off in the distance. This is the honest to goodness truth.

As you can see by the photo I’ve included with this post, or the original here, there is one fellow who just refuses to fall in line with the old fogies around him. In fact, he’s so darn ahead of his time that he’s either (a) the most forward-thinking man in the world when it comes to fashion; (b) a time traveler; (c) it’s a photo of my hometown of McFarland, Mich., taken last week as that place is still about 70 years behind the times; or (d) it’s a fake.

My personal guess is B. Why? Well, for one, I like that idea more. The odds are, it’s D, though I’m going to keep telling myself otherwise. Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.

I like the idea of time travel, other than the horrifying consequences that absolutely any action could have on the present time. Or that a simple slip could lead to me not being around. Hmmmm… on second thought…

But, honestly, I just thought the picture was interesting. I looked around the main site that it’s hosted on and can’t seem to find any information about it, so I’ll just continue letting my imagination run wild. Frankly, it’s what I do best.

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  1. March 29, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Very cool picture 🙂

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